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Custom Label Program


The Burning Asphalt Sauces Custom Label program allows you to personalize our labels to create a unique retail, promotional or gift item. 

Our trademarked name, “Burning Asphalt,” along with our great tasting sauces have great marketability potential. Add to that, your company name, logo, tag-line, message or all of the above to make a memorable impression on your customers and friends.


"We used our Custom Labeled Hot Sauce from Burning Asphalt at a trade show as a giveaway ....worked GREAT!"

Paving Company - Irvine, CA


Recipe for Success
  • 1 bottle of Burning Asphalt Sauces great tasting sauce

  • 1 unique trademarked “Burning Asphalt” name and logo

  • 1 big ‘splash’ of information about your company, relative or friend

  • Unlimited creativity

  • Choose your favorite sauce *

  • Combine all ingredients

  • 'Cook' until it meets your approval

  • Serve when ready!


Signature Label


Custom Label Template

  Ordering Custom Labels  

Just let us know what you would like on the bottle. Send us a picture and the information that you want displayed on the label and we will design a draft label for you.

For more information on our Custom Label program, see our FAQ section

Check out our Custom Label Gallery to see examples of Custom Labels that we have done for a variety of customers and click here for some ideas on how custom labels can be used.


 *All Burning Asphalt Sauces are available for Custom Labels.


  Frequently Asked Questions:  

  Great Uses for our Custom Labels  
  • Trade Shows - great traffic builder!
  • Special Promotions
  • Customer Appreciation Gifts
  • Company BBQ's
  • Car Race Events & Shows
  • Motorcycle Clubs & Events
  • Corporate Gifts
  • New Product Promotions - show the world your hot new product!
  • Employee Appreciation Gifts
  • Table Favors & Invitations
  • Birthdays

  • Weddings

  • Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

  • Graduations

  • Parties

  • Mother's Day - put mom's name on a bottle!
  • Christmas Gift
  • House Warming Gift
  • Just for fun - show off your own sauce!
  • And many more!

We have a lot more ideas!.  Call or email us to discuss your needs or to share your unique use for our custom labels.



  Our Corporate Clients include:  


  • Paving & Asphalt Companies
  • Racetracks & Race Teams
  • Motorcycle Dealerships
  • Monster Truck Teams
  • Trucking Companies
  • Car Dealerships
  • Recreation Vehicle Companies
  • Campgrounds & Camp Stores
  • Gourmet Shops
  • General Stores
  • Specialty Stores
  • Restaurants & Taverns
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • And many more!




Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
What changes can I make to the label? FAQ List Top
  • You can personalize the following areas of our signature label:
    • Right-side panel (picture and/or text)
    • Tagline above the sauce name (picture or text)
    • Burning Asphalt Sauces Logo Vehicle (picture)  


How do I go about ordering a Custom Label? FAQ List Top
  • Just pick up the phone and call us to discuss what you are looking for.  This also gives us an opportunity to share with you ideas and examples from other customers.  We will be happy to discuss pricing at this time as well.

    Once we have all your information, we will create a draft label for the sauce* of your choice and email it to you for your review and approval.

    If you prefer, you can email us the information.  Please provide your phone number in case we need to contact about your custom label inquiry.


What information do you need for a custom label? FAQ List Top
  • Before we can put a custom label together, we will need the following information:
    • General layout of customization
    • Message
    • Subject picture or logo in the acceptable format
    • Picture of Logo Vehicle, if different than Signature Label car
    • Type of sauce *  

    *If you want your custom label on multiple sauces that is not a problem.  However, we will only send you  one draft per design for your approval.  The approved design will be used for multiple sauce orders (with each label displaying the appropriate sauce name and label colors).


What format do you accept for pictures? FAQ List Top
  • We accept pictures in .jpg or .gif format. A minimum of 300 dpi works best, but we will try to work with whatever you send us.


How long does it take to create a Custom Label? FAQ List Top
  • The timeframe for creating a custom label varies based on the complexity of design and  volume of orders, but typically, we will have a draft of your custom label to you within 2-3 days from the time we receive all the necessary information.


When can I expect to get my order? FAQ List Top
  • As with the timeframe for creating a custom label, the timeframe for fulfilling a custom label order varies based on several factors, including volume of orders and shipping location; however, the majority of customers receive their custom label orders within 1-2 weeks from the time we receive approval of the design.  Rush orders can be accommodated - please let us know.

Is there a minimum order? FAQ List Top
  • There is no minimum order .  Because we do our own printing, we have the capability to do a single label if that is what the order calls for.  

Do you charge a graphics fee? FAQ List Top
  • In most cases there is no graphics fee.  Please contact us to determine if a graphics fee would apply.

 How much do Custom Labels cost? FAQ List Top
  • A lot less than you think! 
    Contact us for to discuss your specific needs.


Can I see some examples? FAQ List Top




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