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Your BLOODY MARY MIX is the Absolute Best!! This is the second time I purchased and there is no other mix that compares. This is the only mix to buy for Bloody Mary's.

John - Buffalo, NY

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    Best SPAGHETTI SAUCES I have ever had. What's your secret? Their better then any restaurant and even better than my Grandmother's. - M.P. Chicago, IL    
    I purchased the ALMOST FAMOUS SWEET & SPICY Rub at the Fair this past summer and absolutely love it.  We used the whole container in no time and would like to order more.  - C.D. Grand Island, NY    
    "Slow cooked some ribs today with the Apple BBQ Sauce. No lie - best ribs I ever had. Cooked 'em just right and the sauce was awesome." - Bill M. Boston, MA    
    "Tried the SALSA last night. It was awesome. Just ordered 2 more, along with 2 'hot'." - Dave P. - Sudbury, MA    
    "Your Habanero hot sauce is a KILLER! The best I ever tasted and I have tried 100's of hot sauces." - J.W. Houston, TX    
    "I am so impressed with all of your hot sauces. They have an unforgettable great taste. Say good-bye to Tabasco!" - H.T. Sacramento, CA    
    "A++++++ Habanero hot sauce.  I need to have you send out your Cayenne and Jalapeno as soon as you can. Looking forward to it." - C.T. Hawkins, WI    
    "Can't believe that you guys make a better hot sauce up north then we do in Louisiana.  Just letting you know that it is true." - N.S. New Orleans, LA    
    "..I made a quick test already on a home made pizza.  I must say that first impressions are that I love the Burning Asphalt Jalapeno sauce.  It has VERY good taste which I can not properly describe in English, so I'd have to just call it "fresh"! Extremely good sauce in my opinion." - N.K. Finland    
    "Excellent hot sauces!" - C.G. Ocala, FL    
    "Awesome!  Just like your ad said. The Habanero is the best I ever had.  You can actually TASTE the FLAVOR of the sauce." - M.B. St. Paul, MN    


    "Best ever! Thank you for the Burning Asphalt Buffalo Wings recipe.  All 40 of us appreciated it." - M.B. Aurora, CO    
    At a recent party I had I made 3 kinds of dip from your Burning Asphalt Hot Sauces. Jalapeno dip, Cayenne dip, and Habanero dip. All 3 dips disappeared in about 10 minutes." - L.R. Salina, KS    
    "Like a religion your Burning Asphalt hot sauce goes on my eggs every morning.  Please ship me one each of your three sauces." - B.B. Singapore    
    "Did you ever mix your Jalapeno hot sauce in cake frosting? I did. It was great and also had an interesting color. Everybody at the birthday party for my brother loved it. It was absolutely one HOT party!" - W.N. Kannapolis, NC    
    "Made the best chicken wings and ribs ever using your hot sauce. Time to throw the Frank's hot sauce away." -C.Z. Buffalo, NY    
    "Hot! Hot! Hot! A+ hot sauces every time. I even mix all 3 together.  When you bottle a mixture of all 3, let me know." - L.D. Seattle, WA    
    "You were right.  It put me in the Winner's Circle. I had my first feature win after I dumped about a third of your habanero sauce on my pizza just before the race. Victory at last." - T.B. Monroe, GA    
    "Just wanted you to know that I use your Jalapeno hot sauce in my pizza sauce. I make pizzas for school fundraisers and the Jalapeno pizzas were a big hit." - E.N. Ft. Walton Beach, FL    


    CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS - Great Stuff!    
    "Thank you for the quick shipping.  I couldn't believe that the hot sauces got here so quick. Perfect timing for my Son's birthday.  Please send out 3 additional "Winner's Circle" sampler packs to me." - D.F. Reading, PA    
    "The Victory Lane Gift Basket you sold me was the big hit at Christmas. The race car has kept my kids entertained. Please send me 2 more Victory Lanes." - P.T Portland, OR    
    "Just received your Sampler Pack. I couldn’t believe it arrived that quick. Would you believe that in 2 days the sauces are almost gone. New Years was a hot one. Please ship me 2 of each." - I.B. Newton, IA    
    "If you ever decide to sell stock in Burning Asphalt, please be sure to let me know." - S.J. Cheektowaga, NY    



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